You Want More Guests in Your Restaurant...

But you're Frustrated. You Don't Want To Spend All Day Trying to Figure Out How to Create a  Restaurant Marketing System that Actually Works?

You know you're paying too much for the online and delivery services and coupons, but that's all that seems to work!

That's where we come in!

Restaurant owners

Let's Be Honest... Your Marketing Agency Isn't Cutting it

  1. Third-party delivery fees are putting a dent in your margins.
  2. Internet coupon users only come in when they have a coupon.
  3. You post and boost, then post and boost some more but no one comes.
  4. Then you might try coupons on sites where quite frankly the people there are just looking for deals or worse yet folks come into your place and pull up the deal site to get a discount.

You know what we’re talking about. The deals people use over and over and you're lucky to recover food costs!

When you try to reach out to your guests, >>>crickets

There’s always Radio and TV. Great for Branding but what is the ROI {return on investment}

Then there are mailers or local magazines. A one-time shot usually,  They are measurable but people forget if they’re not reminded.  Everything has its place and if it’s measurable and you’re seeing an ROI stick with it.

Don’t stick with something for Ego

Let's Be Honest...  Your Marketing Agency Isn't Cutting it

What's the whole point of this "marketing thing,'' if it doesn't increase your revenue?

     It's not about getting impressions

     It’s not about getting views.

     It’s not about how many likes you have on your page  

When's the last time you tried to deposit those likes at the bank?

What is it about?

  • It's about having a more consistent flow of guest
  • It’s about putting butts in seats or more bills in your till 
  • It’s about staying top of mind so your guest don’t forget your restaurant
  • It’s about building a Database of your guest so they can be invited back for those special occasions or... you can put a relevant offer in front of them
  • It's about becoming a Serious Brand in your city

What would it do for Your bottom line if all of your guests came back 1 more time in the month or better yet 2 or 3 more times?

Our bespoke process includes
  • Deep Diving into your restaurant operations/marketing so we know exactly what and who you want to attract

  • Attracting high-quality guests who we have discovered are a perfect match for your restaurant. Not just deal seekers

  • ​Designing the best marketing strategy for your restaurant to bring in more guests especially new ones whether for dine-in or carry-out without tying up your phone.

  • The best marketing system for restaurants, helps you follow up with your guests (with automation so you don’t have to do it manually!) — to warm them up until they feel ready to come in. 

Here are just some of the results we generate for our clients:

  • Brazilian Steakhouse

    Brings in 47 birthday Reservations in 1st month with an avg ticket of $154 per person.

  • Fast-casual Pizza restaurant

     Increases avg ticket price from $18.30 to $21.09. 300 new visitors first month. 

  • Sushi Restaurant

    Enjoys 200 new guest opening week

  • Italian restaurant

    Generated additional 24k in sales over 1st month

  • Fast-casual Mexican restaurant

     Generated 220 new guests in 1st month

  • Mexican food truck

    Sales went up to an average of over 200 online orders for pickup and delivery. Was able to drop 3rd party delivery services. 

We’ve Got You Covered. 

Strategic Restaurant Marketing Consulting

We help you diagnose your marketing and sales Foundation gaps for your restaurant and recommend proven strategies for greater results and profits.


Automated Guest Nurture

Increase the volume of guests to your restaurant with our personalized, guest reach-out system. Imagine reaching out to your guest at the drop of a hat. With the invitations and offers you want...Now!

Success Stories

Steve R

250 new guests 1st Month.

Don is one of the hardest working and successful guys I know. He’s generous and transparent. After first meeting Don, I reached out for help. He spent over an hour learning about the problems I was having with my Pizza Restaurants Marketing. He came up with a solution to not only getting me more new guests to walk in the door, but also to increase my sales with more catering and online orders!!

If you’re in the restaurant business you owe it to yourself to have a conversation with Don! There is no one in the restaurant marketing business I’d recommend more.

Cory H.

Online ordering system saved us $2,100 1st month

I reached out to Don after following him and his eats page for several months for a strategy session. He showed me how easy it was to create videos around the food I created for social media. He also led us into creating an online ordering system and ranked us #1 in google for our city. Our online orders are more plentiful than ever and we're not using a third-party system any longer Saving us thousands every month!! Cory

Jim Mc.

$120,000 revenue from $4,631 Ad Spend

“If you run a restaurant and want to get more guests walking thru the door, especially new guests that have never visited, as well as increasing online orders, and delivery without giving away the house you can’t afford not, to schedule a strategy session with Don Ferguson of Viper Consulting Solutions. I followed Don's videos & post for several months prior to scheduling my session and wish that I had done it sooner. He broke down my website, showed me exactly what I could do to improve my rankings and shared a lead generation strategy that I implemented right away. Based on the insights he shared, I saved myself hours of wasted time in Trial & Error. It’s clear Don knows what he is talking about and that he cares about your success. I highly recommend taking him up on his Strategy Session Offer.”


Flow We’re all about finding the right vibe with our clients. So let’s get to know each other and see if the
Guests Flow Acceleration System is right for you!

If we’re not the best partner to help you, we’ll refer someone who is. Or if you think we’re not your cup of tea, you can fake having a bad phone signal and be on your way.

Nothing to lose, right?