Email and SMS marketing for restaurants...are you using it?

If you're like most restaurant owners... the answer is no.

When was the last time you invited your guest to visit?...NEVER

What is Email/SMS restaurant marketing?

It's a cost-effective way for you to reach out to current guests with offers and reasons to come back to your place so you're top of mind.

It can show urgency and an immediate return. Simply put it works!!

Wouldn't you like to reach out to guests to come in and celebrate birthdays and anniversaries?  What about mothers day and thanksgiving or easter?

What if you could reach out to guests that visit your place for lunch only with offers about lunch?

Did you know if you're having a slow day you could actually reach out to guests with a specific offer that's good for that 1 and only day? to come in now.

The main reasons are;

  • It doesn't work (Yes it does)
  • I don't have time
  • What's email/SMS

Do you want more business/butts in seats, more take-out business? Let's talk about how to make restaurant email/SMS marketing work for you

Want your guest to visit more often

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