Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Catering menu ideas for your restaurant

Restaurant owners. Let's start thinking a little strategic. What can you do differently to get more orders or even yet bigger orders where you make more profit? Well, how about putting the ca on your online ordering? Putting the catering menu or as I'd like to call it, the family menu. I mean, it can be used for catering, especially like if I'm in an office and I'm looking for, you know, I gotta feed the, I gotta feed the crew, and I go to your website and I see this, it makes it easy for me to do, and I know what the prices are right there. You don't have to create a special menu for me. I can go pick the number of people I want and boom, there's a price. Or you might have family in town, it's summer, it's vacation time.

Might have family in town and you just don't want to cook, but you don't want to think a whole lot about it either, and you just wanna go to your favorite restaurant. Look at their catering menu or there, again, their family menu. And place your order. So think about that as this one. Little thing are really easy to add to your menu and it brings in extra money.

This, here's a customer. Very first day we put the catering menu on. There was a barbecue place. Look at this. 5 20 78, 2 8, uh, 2 83, 1 40. I mean, the orders here are decent. Now you're gonna say, depends what they are. Doesn't depend what they are. This is what the owner decided to put on his list, and this is what we have.

Now I'm gonna start showing you. So here's one where again, they bought a shrimp, boil feeds. Four, got a small fruit planter and they have a large, but in the, on the menu description, it, it describes how many people this will usually feed, or how big it is or whatever order. One 70, here's another one again, pickup.

Wasn't a delivery, it was a pickup. Buffalo chicken. Uh, DIPP, 30 bucks. You know, chicken salad, the potato salad, lasagna feeds eight people, half salad feeds, eight people, 2 73. Again, here's [00:02:00] like a family menu kind of thing, or again, catering. What are you doing to get creative to get those order tickets bigger and make it easy on your customer?

God, I hate it when I go and I'm trying to think of what to buy for everybody. And I, I'm thinking about like, well, what's Fred like? What's, what's Suzi like? What's Bob like? And a lot of times Osco, when I go, like for my cigar night with my friends, it's my turn to cook. I'll stop buy a restaurant and I'd be like, this is what you're eating, suckers.

And I wish more of 'em had the bigger menu. . Um, there's a couple restaurants here in the morning that do it, and I partake in them because they make order ordering easier and everybody loves 'em. So here's a thought for today. What are you going, what are you doing with that catering menu? How can you implement it and when will you implement it?

3 awesome Facebook ads that work

Restaurant owners, caterers and event planners. What's the easy way to get people in? It's Facebook and Instagram Salute. And what do I mean by that? The audience is, you can pick birthdays, did you know up to seven days in advance. You can start marketing in those people. You can offer a free dinner and you're gonna go, oh damn, that cost too much.

But let me tell you what, a free dinner. So I have one restaurant we ran. Average plate was 30 bucks. We ran a free dinner. They at least bring somebody with them. And even after the people that came to with one other person and they were really cheap and only spent 30 bucks, 35 bucks, the average ticket was $150.

Can you imagine $150 ticket by just giving one item away? It doesn't matter whether it been a dinner . Or an appetizer. But did you know you can bring anniversaries in the same way? Facebook lets you target people are having anniversaries and the cool thing is they let you part target people that just got engaged.

Cause what happens when an engagement happens? The whole world finds out usually, unless it's one of those private things, you know? But what, what do you get on engagement? You get. The rehearsal dinners, you might get the catering job. Hell, you might get 'em renting a whole venue out because they saw you, found out that you'd do stuff like that.

A lot of people just don't know what you do, so why not reach out to 'em on a special day, whether it be that birthday, the anniversary that engage. Why not because it's the, it's the low fruit on the tree and you can reach out and touch 'em, and it doesn't cost very much.